Screwed with step bro

I was 13 at the time. My friend was 14. He had a step brother of 9 who was really girlish. After school, we would play in their fenced off back yard. My friend said, we should strip naked so we did. I got a h****** and so did my friend and so did his little step bro.

My friend wanted to see gay action but did not want to do anything gay. So I started by stroking his little bro's c***. He said to his little bro, if he did not suck me off, I would rape him which was not true, but the 9yo boy did not know that, so he started sucking me off.
My friend urged me on, "shove it in his mouth dude! Feel the crack of his ass cause if he get tired before you c**, you may have go in there too." This just made the boy suck on me harder as I fingered his butt hole. I came in his mouth and my friend ordered him to swallow.

This was just the first time. A week later, we did almost the same thing but my friend brought some type of cam. When his little bro started sucking me, he told him it was time to get f*****. I never did anyone up the ass but I did this 9yo boy up the ass as my friend put it on vid. I came nicely in his ass.

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