Shooting Stars.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of someone's life?
Wanted it so badly, that you just wanted to do SOMETHING?
Something so amazing, so beautiful, so perfect, you'd shoot through their heart like a shooting star.
Something that would leave a mark. Or a scar.
You wanted to be able to claim some part of them, be it a brother, a sister, a friend.
Anything to say that you were there. That you were a part of the person they were, had been, would become.
For all the shooting stars out there, I wish you love and luck.

Nov 19, 2011

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  • first of all what you wrote is BEAUTIFUL (: i know exactly how you feel...

  • I don't believe in love anymore. My love story got slapped in the face with reality. Love always dies and gets replaced with companionship and tolerating the person. Also laughter and at least fidelity if you're lucky.

  • what the f*** is WRONG with this website anymore? that NOBODY commented on this confession. I can answer YES to your questions. Yes, I want to be someone's shooting star. I think maybe I am... or was. But it's not enough. I'd like to be that every day for him...

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