I'm scared

You invest yourself more into our relationship then your school work. We're in a long distance relationship and I'm scared that because of our situation and your obsessiveness with us, we are going to suffer financially in the future. You never seem to be concerned with money at all, you're always spending it on games and silly cute gifts and you're even planning on spending all the money you have saved up just to see me. I have a feeling if we do get married, we're going to suffer a great deal, and in addition starting a family will only complicate everything.
There is also the 'where are we going to live' problem. I like my country, and you like yours. Our families are in two different places and I don't want to give up mine, and don't want to ask you to give up yours, though I know you would. What are we going to do? Our future is so uncertain and scary. We are only 18 but what if we don't set ourselves up to make it? It's okay if I hit rock bottom alone, but if we both do, how will we get back up again?
I love you, but I've been starting to think, maybe you aren't the person I need to go out in the world with, although I couldn't wake up to any other face. I'm just scared.

Nov 23, 2011

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  • Although I think that this is another fake confession, the issue that it addresses is worthy of comment. A friend of mine at work married a colleague from the same company (different department). He was always very affectionate towards her, very attentive, and constantly giving her gifts. Fast forward to the crunch: after they married and set up a home, she was the one to handle the finances. When she got pregnant, it was a difficult 9 months for her. She turned over the finances to him. In a few short months, he managed to turn their accounts into an unholy mess, including "giving" her a car bought entirely on debt. The ensuing difficulties from this situation brought about a host of other problems (i.e. - in-law interference; loss of his job due to his inability to handle the pressure, etc, and eventually even assault charges against him for striking their child.) The writer of the above-posted story makes a valid point. If you aren't a 100% sure, don't marry the person. Life is hard enough without facing it with the wrong person. Point two: if you don't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, (the Messiah of Israel) then ask Him to forgive your sins, and take over the desires of your heart - you will never be the same, and you will have the author of life itself guiding and directing you in all you see, say and do. Do it now while it is yet "today". Then ask Him to point you to a Bible-believing church and study the scriptures (Bible) daily - these are His love letters to you. Thanks for your attention, and may God bless you and bring you to Himself.

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