I'm cheating on my boyfriend. I'm in love with him but I just really enjoy f****** the other guy.

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  • Not everyone is monogamous. F****** other people can be awesome.

  • This guy I have the hots for is very intelligent and high-minded (part of what makes me want to ride him till his d*** is raw) and I'm afraid too ethical to give into my charms:( I guess we shall see.

  • I understand you, I plan to do the same. I ran into a guy I always wanted at the bookstore the other day. And we exchanged numbers and we're going to meet for coffee. And I eventually plan to seduce him and f**k his brains out. I love my bf but I didn't f*-*k this other guy 3 years ago because I had a bf (his friend, who I met him through). 3 years later, that bf broke my heart and I'm with someone else. I'm not going to let the opportunity pass me by again, you only live once after all.

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