I like cutting myself and the scars it makes. It first started out of curiosity then habit and now euphoria. I get a high and I often catch myself smiling while I do it. I do it when I'm sad, bored, or just plain lonely. I wear sweaters everyday to hide my disgusting self. I often catch myself thinking of what a boyfriend would think if he saw it. It's weird and gross yet it brings me happiness. Is it really wrong? Of course not, it feels better than a lot of things. Some people exercise, shop, or read where as I cut. If you looked at me you wouldn't see it. I look clean and well mannered but inside I'm dirty and aching.

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  • Yawn. Cutting is the reddest flag for "PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEE" out there. Oh, emo little losers will claim it helps "relieve the pain" or some such bullshit, but you're just taking your need for drama to the next level. Cut deeper, until the blood comes out in regular strong spurts. Let that happen for a good 20 minutes. The world will be a better place!

  • Can I come suck on your open cuts while playing myself to o*****?

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