I am intimidated by ugly girls. every

I am intimidated by ugly girls. every guy i have been interested in, always has some unattractive girl that likes him too. and because of that, i immediatley back off. i don't know what the h*** is wrong with me, im not trying to sound like some stuck up conceded b****, but i know i am attractive and that i could easily pursue a relationship with the potential guy, but for some reason these ugly girls get to me, and make me feel like "unworthy" of the guy or something... idk i just need an outside opinion.

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  • maybe if you went to the library like "ugly" girls do (see they can't just rely on looks and be half illiterate with no personality and get through life, they have to develop a personality) then you would know how to spell conceited. hmmm I wonder if your bedroom skills are any sharper? I guess the fact that you shy away is lucky for the guy you're wanting

  • You TOTALLY spelled CONCEITED wrong...Conceded means to yield, or give in...Maybe the ugly girls are just way smarter than you and it turns them on...STUPIDITY = UGLY

  • I really appreciate everyone's help. i have decided to take the advice and attempt to let him know that i am interested.
    hope for the best.

    thanks guys!


  • I know what you mean

  • The commeters are correct guys are logical creatures for the most part, so when we see a very attractive girl, a lot of times we feel she's already taken or she won't even look twice at us. For the most part you have the power in these situations but as the first commenter said the one thing you can't do is compare yourself because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and girls idea of attractive don't always coincide with what guys find attractive. And we don't always get the hint that girls like us so you have to be somewhat proactive in getting his attention. So as the first commenter said persue after all wouldn't a guy hit the lottery if he choose you?


  • Most guys are intiminated by good looking girls , thinking that the gals will not even give them a second look ,so why bother.
    Keep that in mind and things may be different

  • Not me! Even though I'm a cute girl, I am constantly comparing myself to other girls who I think are more attractive and feeling threatened by them, even if my boyfriend barely notices them.

  • Pursue away!! But remember that 1) love is blind and any given guy might fall for what you think is ugly 2) it's better to be yourself, so don't change just to compete with them fugly's and 3) most guys don't know when a girl is attracted to them, so you do have to show some sign

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