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I purposely make fake confessions that are bullshit to make the site more popular.....i`m not the only one. only 2 of my 16 were real. which ones were they?

Nov 25, 2011

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  • It's a rare and beautiful thing when someone actually admits this. Now tell that to the naive tw@ts who are all "u guyz r soooo mean 2 ppl on dis site, their spilling they're guts n u just say mean stuff!" Unless, of course, that's you too...

  • Like anyone really gives a s***...

  • I'm guessing the true ones are when you said a donkey f***** you up the ass and the one where you made popcicles our of your c** and ate them. Am I right?

  • Yeah, I can tell by all your fake confessions, this site has gotten REALLY popular... yeah, you've really helped things out. NOT. I think the same five people here make any comments at all.

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