Jacking on the bus

When I was 13, I rode the bus. I would near the back and there were only a few people on the bus. I would get h**** and push my p**** through the leg hole my shorts so all my c** would hit the floor. I did this often enough that the bus driver narrowed down his suspects of who the pervert was.

I got on the bus and after going a few blocks, he stopped the bus. He walked back to me with a box of tissues and announced very loudly, "Look boy, if your going to pleasure yourself in public, don't leave any mess on our floor." I was flushed with embarrassment. An old woman about 4 rows made it worse by saying "Now boy, thank the bus driver for giving you tissue."

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  • Dumb bus driver I would have sucked u off

  • At least he gave you some tissues..

  • I've been tempted to m********* on my school bus.

  • on the bus i used to put this girls hand down my boxers ... she's really frigid but would still let me do it...

  • This is seriously disgusting

  • I use to do it on the early morning train.

  • Pretty bad situation. Nothing like a risky situation to give a terrific o*****, I like to j******* in public restrooms and c** down the wall or on the floor by the urinal. I've even caught my c** in my hand and dumped it on the counter by the sink. Never been busted, though. Leaving your c** is like marking your territory.

  • I know, right? I did it at school in the bathroom and no one noticed any c**.

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