I am going to kill everyone on the bus in the morning SylveenHill

The cops can think all they want that i am lying, but i have given up. so i will be bringing my ar-15 to the bus and ill hide it in my gym bag. im going to kill everyone on the bus. then i will shoot at cars. the best part is nothing will happn because they think all the threats are hoaxes. can you imagine how bad they will look when everyone figures out that they could of stopped me but they did nothing about it? i wont know because im just going to kill myself once i finish but it will be funny to know that they will all get fired because they let his happen. my bus driver is a fat old man anyway so i am doing him good by killing him



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  • You lowlife. That’s your solution! How pathetic.

  • Fake

  • 21 days ago, and nothing has happened. Hmmm, another fantasist neckbeard

  • Just use it on yourself. Simpler that way

  • News flash dumbass. An ar-15 won't fit in your gym bag. If you actually owned one, you'd know that. DUMBASS!!

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