Bus Driver

Back in high school I took the bus to and from school. I lived an hour away without traffic, so the bus rides home would take twice as long. One morning I woke up especially h**** and decided to get one off before I got ready for school. As I was getting close my mom barged in telling me I was going to be late and blah blah blah. I was livid, but I listened and got out of bed without finishing. I was so pent up, that I decided to take my toy with me, thinking maybe I could get a quick one off on the bus (I was the only one on the bus for most of the ride, so I though I could get away with it if I was quiet). Unfortunately, the bus driver kept sneaking a peak at me through the rearview, so I never really got the chance to. He wasn't extremely attractive physically, but he had an intense personality that was pretty scary at times, but also kind of hot. Anywho, after school, I was so pent up I couldn't think straight, so I decided I'd try again on the way home. I waited until I was the last one on the bus before I sneakily pulled out my toy. I decided this time I would take my coat off and use it as a blanket, so the driver wouldn't see me. So I turned the toy on, pulled my pants down a little, and slid it inside. I swear it took everything in me not to scream, I kind of did that thing where you pretend to cough. It was working for a while, but he started taking more and more glances at the rearview. At one point I started going really hard and as my eyes started to roll back I could feel him staring a little longer than before, so I looked up. Right then we made eye contact for a solid 30 seconds before I quickly looked away. Thats when I knew he knew what I was doing. Im not sure what came over me then, but I didn't want to stop, so I kept going. I just slumped a little more in the bus seat so that he would only be able to see my forehead, and not my eyes. So I kept going like that until he pulled over on the side of the high way and walked towards the back of the bus. I was really close then, and I couldn't bring myself to stop. So right as he passed by me I pushed myself over the edge, and I'm pretty sure he saw it. At the very least he saw my legs shaking. He passed by me anyhow, walked to the back of the bus, and on the way back to the front he stopped by me and handed me my water bottle (I guess it fell out the seat and rolled to the back and I hadn't noticed). Then he asked me if I was ok (I was sweating like crazy and breathing heavy so it was valid) and I said yeah. Then he walked to the front, started up the bus and drove me home. On my way off the bus he let me know that my fly was down and then he just drove away. Anyways, that was probably the most embarrassed/h**** I've been in my life.

Dec 22, 2019

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  • Interesting story... for a woman lel

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