Pregnant smoking girlfriend

My girlfriend is 7 months pregnant and smokes at least a pack of day. Both her mother and mine smoked while pregnant with us and we turned out fine. Both of us smoke and we have no intention of quitting or cutting back around the baby. To be honest, we both hope all our children decide to smoke. If they do, we will gladly let them at whatever age they express an interest. This is NOT a fantasy post--we really feel this way! Your rants against us will do you no good. We know there are other parents who feel the same.



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  • Glad to hear that the rants will be ignored! How young will you let them smoke?

  • ^ OP ^

  • I want to see the look on your face when your baby has birth defects. I am truly sorry that was uncalled for I would just say let your children chose if they want to smoke don't force them it is thier chose

  • Well ok, to each their own. I hope it works out for ya, but you'll probably need a lot of money to pay for everyone to smoke. Hope you have a good job.

  • You are bad people. Smoking can cause birth defects.

  • Lol it's an idiotic child seeking attention, with a pretentious confession. Just ignore and disregard their tripe!

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