Getting girls pregnant

I guess im wierd for likeing this but im kinda obsessed with getting girls pregnant. I love doing it, i love trying to as much as I can. I'm 18 and got 6 girls preggers already, and I cant wait to get more. Until now I really didnt care but 2 things happen to me that made me think I should try to change even if I dont want to. First over break I worked at a place where i hooked up with a girl I worked with and we had s** she wanted me to pull out but I didnt, anyway she was p***** and because she was marrried she was worried what might happen. Well she texted me yesterday and said she is late and kinda worried. I told her she should thank me cause her husband wasnt able to get her pregnant, they were trying for awhile. She seems to think it was mine after I told her that she said this could ruin her marriage. She is nice I didnt want to do that but im really glad i got her pregnant. It turns me on. The other thing that happened was last senester at school my roomate and his gf came back to the room hammered. They were fooling around which was standard and we had an agreement, he went to the bathroom cause he was feeling sick so I went and check on him, he was passed out on the toilet. Anyway I came back in and acted like I was him, were pretty similar body. Long story short I made sure to finish in her, she was so hammered she didnt know the difference and i left later that night i came back and they were sleeping together. Now shes pregnant and left school, he is thinking of leaving to marry her and help raise the kid...I feel really bad that stuff happened but not that I got her pregnant...i guess it might not have been me but i really think it was, ok i hope it was...i know im an a****** and every other bad word, but really i dont care...i just feel bad for those people...guess i needed to get that out there...

Jan 11, 2011

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  • White girl p****** need asian c** inside

  • I love c****** inside innocent college girl p****** from Tinder. The idea of them raising my babies turns me on

  • Great

  • Ummm... I'm pretty sure what you did to the drunk girl is rape.

    Aside from that I really love nutting inside girls too. The thought of impregnating women is a huge turn on. I c** a lot and it always overflows. I usually don't even stop when I c**. Lol. Some like it. Some don't. I never try to hide it though. I can't live with a guilty conscience.

  • I've got a lot of women pregnant over the years. I tell them I will pull out, but always make sure I shoot the first spurt of s**** inside of them.

  • That is great

  • Dude i think about it all the time, i want to have s** with beautiful girls and get them pregnant, f*** them in all positions...make love to them..i dont mind being a father to many kids because i love girls.

  • That is such a good reason to reproduce.


  • I know as a woman I should feel disgusted by this confession but to be honest I’m one of those who gets turned on by the thought of getting pregnant. A man pumping his sperm deep inside me is incredibly arousing! I’m more of a submissive so it’s like his claim on me and control over me. Pinning me down and c****** in me over and over. I’ve stopped taking the pill because I just want to see what will happen. Not in a relationship right now though.

  • I just want you to know this comment and all the ones replying to it too, turned me on to no end! Mmm. Oh and I’m female as well. I just want a few clean, very intelligent men with heavy loads of great active sperm agree to dump their entire loads in me every other day without missing days and no e********** in between. If an issue, then that’s cool, just move on. Only those who commit for a min of 3 months to ensure pregnancy. Any takers?

  • Love to hear back from you. Where are you located?

  • I totally agree with you! I love it when a man c*** deep inside of me, and not being on the pill. I have two girls now, and don't really know who fathered either one of them. I have never expected any kind of financial support, I just love being pregnant!

  • Such a turn on ....the ultimate is to let go...come pilllllll

  • And talk about it whist you are making lovbe

  • You are a great person.

  • That's hot! Lol.

  • I love the idea of growing a baby inside me. First my b**** swell up, get bigger and juicier, then my belly starts getting bigger and bigger and rounder and rounder. Too bad there's this noisy nasty needy thing at the end of it all.

  • Come meet me then.

  • A noisy thing!? Omg. That's the funniest thing I've ever read.

  • I want to cut inside you. Over and over until my seed is growing in your belly

  • C***

  • Omg I’m so turned on just reading your comment. I want you to c** in me over and over until I conceive...

  • This is the hottest thing I've ever heard someone say.

  • Nice job!! I just found this post but noticed it is old...any update on how many pregnant since then? My number is 12 so far...nothing hotter than breeding. Is there any one that was particularly memorable?

  • You should give me all your sperm too, impregnate me?

  • When a guy impregnates a girl at least he knows his sperm is virile.

  • The meaning of life is to reproduce before dying, regardless of species. If there is a God, he couldn't care less about the details,only that it's done. The more women you make pregnant, the happier nature is.

  • Yes, nature is VERY happy that earth cancer, aka humanity, is doing so well.

  • If you already got that many pregnant you're f***** financially. You might as well do yourself a favor. Ditch the condoms forever and just spread your seed like a beast. Might as well. Just stop pulling out and see how many babies you can make.

    Don't feel bad. You're a male, genetically you're programmed for this. You can't really help if you have that urge and if you can't fight it flow with it. Just tell them you didn't mean to and move on to the new p****.

  • Please get me pregnant too. F*** me hard until I cry and fill my womb with your s****.

  • Love too

  • Will you please impregnate me too? I want to be f***** over and over till c** is spilling from my p**** and I get pregnant.

  • I will

  • Right there with ya. Nothing like breeding females.

  • Hey dude. I think all the above comments are true. You're an a****** and all of that. And at the same time I think your comment that you knocked up 6 girls is just what you want to believe...

    That said man, I have the same sexual urge. When I have s** with a girl even if I say I'm going to pull out, I don't. Partially because it feels good but mostly because I love the thought about getting a girl preggers. No girls known that I have knocked up. Although one was extremely p*****. The horrible thing is that even though I don't want to ruin a girls life, I really didn't care and would do it again. Maybe it's an evolution thing?

  • I think it’s the hottest thing ever to have a man c** in me.... I can almost o***** thinking about it

  • ^5! Knock up those hoes!

  • I think you are the man.keep up the good work player!

  • Ha ha idiot you will be broke for the rest of your life.

  • Its child support...

  • You are crazy.

  • Your going to be VERY broke one day when they all start to hit you up for child maintenance!

  • Come clean to your friend man.

  • Sounds like you raped your friend's girlfriend.

  • Agreed....and his post is a confession to rape.

  • You’re a f****** sick douchebag a******!!!!!! Guys that do this bullshit p*** me the f*** off. Not only am I a rape victim but I know and have known a guy like this. He obsessed with doing the same thing to me and he is about to get dumped. This s*** is not hot. It makes you a f****** LOSER!

  • Tf you doin here if you a rape victim trying to relieve your trama or some s***

  • Relive*

  • I think this 18 year old guy is doing right get as many girls pregnant as you can and enjoy what you're doing.

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