Baby Lambert

I move to Ohio to be with man collin I meet on internet but he end up raping me and now i pregger wit baby.
I dunnno if i tell poor baby lambert his mama syntheah a ho and always get raped or do i pretend his daddy love him but mama make him run away....
if only i get abortion but i too poor

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  • Only in Ohio!


  • troll

  • That's a rough one, for sure. Why did he have to rape you? When you moved to Ohio to meet up with a man you met online wasn't s** sort of a given?

    Too poor for an abortion? There are places that can help you with that, if you truly believe you should not bring that baby into the world.

    I hope you make better decisions in the future and find happiness somewhere.

  • F*** you! You're pathetic, making a mockery of real life rape situations like that!

  • Have a heart and stop being so mean. Its people like you that turn into people that rape other people.

  • how do you know this is real?, Women lie about rape everyday.

  • That's just what I'm saying. This is not real, it's some s***** troll post posted by some s***** teenager who obviously couldn't think of better. It's racist and a STUPID mockery of people in those situations for real. It's not funny, it just sucks.

  • Trolling...nobody can be this stupid...can they?

  • I think it's real. This is what MTV and crack do to kids.

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