To my Fiance

I am tired of the way you treat me. I get you are bipolar and you can't control your moods at times. I get that you have a lot on your plate. I shouldn't be second to anyone. I get your son comes first but all the time? I'm tired of your mom being best friends with your baby mama and never talking to me. I HATE your baby mama. I can't trust you. I want the you that was completely and utterly in love with me. NOT the you that talks to me when you have time. You should make time.

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  • divorce waiting to happen. get out now before it gets worse, because it will.

  • Don't marry him if you can't accept every single thing in his life. You are not locked into this situation. You are not trapped. You do not owe him anything. You do not have an obligation to stay with him even though you may feel that way because of that ring on your finger. Just run, there are better men out there that don't have children and that aren't a******* and that actually have decent mothers that will like you and be kind to you. Just run. I am suffering the consequences now from staying with someone because I felt obligated. Just. Run. Now. You don't owe him or his son or his mother ANYTHING you have to offer. Run while you still can!

  • "a*******", are repainted now and called, "bipolar".

  • Same goes for "autistic"

  • I think any idiot who can't say 'The mother of your child' instead of 'Baby Mama' deserves all the f****** misery they can handle.

  • Not even married yet and all those problems. Do you really need to confess or just run?

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