I Hate my Stepson

I hate my step son. My husband said that when he is here, that I look like I'm chewing on glass. The step son called me Medusa, my real name is Melissa. He said this is the idiot house and everyone here is mean. He said I'm a bad mom and don't do anything with my child who is the same age as him, 8. He said all I do is sit around, watch the food channel and drink beer. I can't stand this kid. My husband and I were in counseling for my daughter and ourselves and I made a list of things that I couldn't stand about him, there were 50 items on the list. He hasn't been back to my house in over 6 months and I don't want him to ever come back. If he comes back, my husband and I are surely going to get a divorce because we have a huge problem when he is here. My life is so much happier now. Am I doing the right thing by making the kid stay away from me? I don't want a divorce. It is working well right now because my husband is living and working out of town.

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  • if you really love this guy youll be able to put up with his son. if you really loved him i would also make a better effort to get to know this kid and show interest in things he likes to do.

  • your a b**** selfish b**** smh

  • Thts a little harsh!

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