I wish you would be mine

That i want a relationship with my best friend. We are friends with benifits but i want to be more. Ive loved you for a long time. everytime i look at you my heart skips a beat and i get all gitty. i feel so comfortable in my own skin when im with you. im happiest when i wake up next to you. your kiss takes my breath away. i melt whenever you come and hug me from behind and wrap your arms around me and just hold me. it feels so natural... like we were made for each other. Your my soul mate... when you hurt i hurt along with you... when your heart breaks mine breaks along with yours. When you talk about how your ex hurt you i want to hurt the b**** that took you away the first time. I wish i had the ability to go back in time and persue you harder before she ruined you. YOur a good man, a wonderful dad, and any woman would be lucky to have you. I wish i did.

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