I want to hurt my self but a can not find a great way to do it any suggestions and I really want it to hurt



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  • Send me pics of you and I'll hurt your feelings.

  • My wife whips me. It's pretty weird. I get turned on some days out. Then close to the time I get worried. Then I get a bit spaced out. Then when it is to happen I change into a pair of skins. This is because in the early days she was very hesitant and did not want to hurt me and yet that was what I fantasised about. She still backs off and gets hesitant if she can see damage.

    Then I lie on my tummy spread eagle on our bed and she ties my arms and legs and pulls me tight. She puts a gag in my mouth so I have something to bite down on.

    Then she gets the whip and lays into me. The whip is a doubled over USB cable. It's insanely painful and raises big welts on my skin. She does mostly on my bum but also she will do a few that wrap around inside one leg and then she will go round the other side of the bed and do a few. I am glad I am tied down because no way could I go through this if I wasn't. During this time I am just struggling with the pain and at times wondering why I was so stupid and can I survive.

    Then it's over and I lie there panting for a while and the weird bit is that I feel it should continue

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