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I am on to apologize for my latest confessions i was in a bad place spiritualy. i had recently stopped smoking weed in order to get my tollerance down. over this time i had time to think of why i was unhappy. i realized that i smoke to get away from my problems and i now have converted to buddhism and have learned to meditate and get to the source of my problems and i realized that i smoked to relieve my stressful life and i learned that buddhist monks all smoke weed alot before they meditate in order to see god. i smoked then tried meditation earlier today and i have had an apiphony. we are all just looking for happiness and need to encourage eachothers paths for if we dont we will all be searching in misserable agony and end our lives with no real happiness in life. i am finding my lifes path and i encourage you my fellow man to join me. peace and love my brothers and sisters we shall all be gone one day but until then we must coexist in peace. i know there are errors but thats not important bros.

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  • Why so angry why do you meet me with such hatred i have angered you so much that you must meet everything you read with a cynical attitude and you have yet to think of why are you this way with so much pain inside you why not end it today and find the source of it instead of attacking an innocent man with a reasonably nice life. i came for answers from others and found nothing. all here are angry people who attack from behind a screen because they feel untouchable because on the internet they have the ability to be someone else and thats not the path to self healing you must enrich your life and find your path to inner peace by being true to yourself and everyone else will just have to deal with it. be true to you and if people dont like it is their own fault because they have yet to embrace who they are. hello my name is joe and its a pleasure to meet you. who ever you are.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah... blah, blah, blah. Who cares, pothead.

  • You just love getting responses from me don't you? Hope you are close to eviction from the US to your very own island. Attention whoring moron.

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