I must confess

The best s** I've ever had is with the ugliest woman (face) I've ever been with. I couldn't possibly marry her. Best bj I got was from probably the 2nd ugliest. The wildest s** from a close 3rd.

I don't think I have a thing for ugly women, they were just (as individuals) the best. Damn I actually miss all 3 of them in their own right, but dang, I couldn't have someone like them on my side as a date, never mind girlfriend.

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  • Hang on, I've just noticed that you've used the word "dang" in your original post. My apologies, you are clearly a redneck r*****. That makes a huge difference, for a redneck to consider a female ugly she must truly be a Hippocrocadillopig. Sorry.

  • Why do you feel the need to seek justification on this forum? Insecurity? All the ladies I've shagged have different atributes, I've had fun, I wouldn't criticise any of them.

  • why do you have s** with chics you consider ugly ? the pretty ones won't f*** you ? maybe you should take a look in the mirror before you call others ugly.

  • you couldnt marry her because she is ugly? how shallow are you?

  • As if looks don't play a part when you decide to date someone?

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