Transexual Delight

After mixed success with women I've found that I get the best relationships and best s** with transexuals. It started by accident, what I now see as a happy accident. Life's changed for the better.

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  • Men's bodies and c**** do nothing for me, but there is something about someone who is female, and feminine, in most respects, but for a c***, that I find appealing. Never acted on this but do enjoy s****** p*** more than anything. Would I if given the opportunity? I really don't know, but I think I just might!

  • I am a bi male, early 40's...been with several all american trannies. Love the gorgeous skin and bodies of a beautiful woman with gorgeous thick juicy c***. They are great girls and deserve love too...I would marry one if I could.

  • Not op but i am a tranny lover who enjoys passable fully functional pre ops. It started as masterbating to tranny p*** then i an opportunity and it was incredible.

  • Male to female transsexuals, I assume? Pre-op or post-op? I certainly hope you aren't thinking of the p*** "trannies" with b**** and penises. 'Cause unless you live in Thailand or something, there are few of those. I'm genuinely curious because I'm trans, and I hear a lot of people saying they're attracted to transsexuals "for some reason." And the sad thing is, sometimes they're ONLY attracted to those who are a certain thing, so when they transition they dump them... anyway, why are they so appealing to you?

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