Yeah so i hope someone reads this

I feel so empty. im thinking of killing myself. im just real sick of it i mean i cant even open up to anyone and tell them how i feel and belived me iv tryed. my perents dont care and my bestfriends to busy f****** other guys to even give it a second thought yet she wont get of my f****** back for smokeing even no she no's it helps my deperesion. i cant realy be bothered going into the reasons why im not happy because even i dont realy no myself but all i do no is this time last year i didnt feel this emptyness in me. i realy just cant be bothered it doesnt feel worth it. so to anyone who reads it you probably care more than anyone else i no. how sad is that? so yeah f*** it. thanks for reading this

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  • If you can't stand life anymore, suicide shouldn't be your only option. When I was depressed, I almost wanted suicide, but that thought lasted less than half a split second. I decided that running away from home was a better choice. So I made a book and printed out maps and everything, but things got better, and I just stayed home. Don't do it. It may be a choice, but as well and horrible of a choice that is, it certainly isn't the best choice. Just run away. But make sure you have survival gear.


  • Do NOT kill yourself. Don't. Things will get better.

  • please remember that things will get better in your life and that this is only a chapter. you can turn it around and be happy again. i wish you all the happiness in the world <3

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