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Ever since i was 16 I been keeping so much to myself never telling anyone I feel I have no one to turn to Im in a slump now at 19 still can't find anyone to help me and today I gave up on god if there ever Was one why would he put me thru this why would everyday be worser than the next I even gave up smoking marijuana so I can start doin better and get a good job not been able to find any after over 200 applications I put in a new city I move to I believe the way things are going I'm going to keep suffering I'm no quitter but my heart I feel growing weak from all the stress this keep putting on me I dont know what to do

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  • well... god puts us through things and alot of ask " what the ** you do that lord" but really hes testing us to see how strong we are and u need to be strong an face everything he throws at u but still know he is on ur side and as he said this earth is not ur home place if you pass the test god will bring u home and u wont feel that despair or sadness anymore . its all worth it to me

  • I been believing and trust me I heard this a hundred times before i made decisions y does he let me suffer this lOng when you got dRug dealers murders and robbers walking the streets living better than a child of god try to do right tell me that if so god woulda been there if he was real

  • well.. umm like see he made the devil so the devil made the drug dealers an murders. but you still hav to believe in him. i mean i used to not believe in him. cause my mom was a **. she let most of her boyfriends ** me. she didnt care. she dropped me on my head alot as a child. i thought of sucide. i shot myself in my leg one day. but if you think about it it makes no sense to not believe in him to believe in him. you need to stop and think.. its not like ur the murder.. just try to believe in him.. read parts of the bible . it feels good when you know god is by ur side. even though u heard it alot doesnt mean anything to u i know. but if you want a better life then pray..............

  • You don't know me who are you to tell me to believe in something that I don't see proof its up to me to make my own moves I am my own god on this earth I got to rely on my own by any means necessary to make it instead of relying on this god to show me anything FYI I was been I church on my own for four years and praying and no results so ** off im tired of being steped on and used and betrayed I found my answer and it's hate for everything never trust anyone and look out for me to get ahead thats all I know now.

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