My best friend's mom

I was 14 the first time your mom seduced me. You were gone to an away basketball game with your dad and she was lonely. We sat on the couch and talked about school and life. She asked about girls in school I liked (I didn't have a girlfriend yet) and inexperience in kissing.

She leaned in. her lips brushing mine. I jumped like electricity shot through my head. Your mother smiled, ran her fingers through my hair and told me to relax. She would teach me what to do.

One thing led to another and I lost my virginity to her mouth on that couch that Saturday afternoon. Over the next four months she taught me how to bring a woman to o***** with my fingers, my mouth, and eventually my c***. I learned how to love a woman every way imaginable.

She was just 32 years old that magical fall, and death took her too early last week at 61 from cancer. I knew I shouldn't have gone to the funeral. I certainly shouldn't have cried the way I did. Maybe you knew? Maybe you guessed. You never said.

It was only four months, and I wish I had been strong enough to make it so much more. I wish I had come back after I graduated high school, or college. I wish I hadn't settled and married another girl my age, but had come and made you mine.



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  • This is not true in the least bit.

  • wow. wistful and sad confession. I can relate. I'm in love with a guy half my age but I don't have the guts to make him mine. I took his virginity.

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