My wifes sister .

It was before we were married . We were at my wifes parents house . Me and my wife were sitting on the couch watching Tv . My wife was leaning against my shoulder , facing the TV . Her younger sister walked in to the room , and climbed on the far end of the couch . She kneeled on the couch . Then she swung her legs round and leaned against the arm of the couch . When she did this . She did it so that her dress rode up her legs . She spread her legs as wide as she could . Giving me a good look at her p**** bare . I just stared and she gave me a look . It was the only time she did anything like this . Later when she was 18 , she found that she was pregnant . Me and my wife gave her money to get married , and a deposit for a rental . She fell out with the family , at her brothers wedding . Leaving to live 80 miles away . No one has seen or talked to her since .

26 days

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  • I was at a party with my future wife.
    A young blonde came into the living room and sat across from me.
    She was wearing a miniskirt...and as she turned to chat with someone at the end of the couch she was sitting on - her legs opened, and I found myself staring at a very pretty crotch. She was wearing white panties and they were snug enough that I could see her plump rounded soft looking lips as they bulged a little in her pantie's crotch. It was very nice!
    On the ride home I asked my wife about the blonde in the miniskirt - "Oh, I thought you'd been introduced - that's my younger sister. She's 17, why?"

  • Mmm, love a bare vajay peek or panty upskirt

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