How a Muslim country citizen became a sissy

Before everything, I was a very bad man. I used to only see girls as a s** toy and constantly used them. One day in late July, while on the beach, I met a girl. We talked for hours just lying on the beach. I told her what I usually did with girls, and saw her getting mad but I was shocked when she invited me to her house. We went in. She sat me on the couch and told me to close my eyes. I felt handcuffs around my hand. She locked me up against the couch. I was thinking that she was gonna do some kinky but fun s***. Then she put a tape over my mouth. I was so into this stuff. My d*** was so f****** hard I was so exicted. She told me to open my eyes. So I did and I saw a p**** 10 inches away from my face. I got scared as s***. She slapped me when I tried to move. She leaned in and said something like "You've always treated girls bad, now you'll see how girls feel." She was trying to bend me over but I was trying to fight back, and she kept slapping me so I had to give in. I bent over, she cuffed my legs too, I was bent over and locked in, was not able to move. Then I felt something on my ass, she was putting lube on my ass. She leaned in "Don't worry I'll go slowly" and she didn't. She jammed her d*** in me real fast, tears came out. She came in me. And licked it off just before ripping the tape over my mouth, spitted her c** in my mouth, and yelling "Swallow it b****". She never allowed me to move. I was stuck on the couch all day, she kept f****** me at nights, and during days she gave me a pill saying it'd help with the pain. But it never did, my skin got weirder, my nipples kept hurting, and my d*** seemed like it wasn't working anymore. She let me off of the couch 1 week later. But now I had a collar around my neck which was chained to the ground. And 2 days later she put a chastity cage on my d*** when I was sleeping. She flushed the key down the toilet. I wanted to die. Every night swallowing her c** which she spits in my mouth, every day pills. Months later I changed completely. I was free of the collar and chain. But now I was always dressed in a thong and a bra. I grew b****. I couldn't even call myself a man anymore. I felt, acted like a sissy. And I loved being a sissy. Her friends sometimes came over, f***** me in turns, and then paid her. I was really happy with this. Sometimes turned in to usually and then always. Every day, atleast 2 real men came and stretched my ass. This happened for 3 months. I was a girl now, I was a sissy, I was a cumslut and I was ready to do everything for c***. And I did. The girl made me call her Mistress. And I did. She made me eat my own s*** just so I can get a d*** in me. And I did it without hesitation. 2 years later, I'm a sissy h*****, every day guys come to f*** my p****. Some just wanting me to suck their d***, some torturing me, some dressing me up as a dog and doing me doggy style. I even had someone with the biggest BBC make my p**** bleed. 2 years later and now I'm in the same place which I met my Mistress. And I'm looking at a guy who just slapped a girl. I think it's his time to be one of us ;)


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  • Makes me happy that she helps you in the best and that now you find yourself and are happy with it.Good luck.:)

  • Ah the dreams of a frustrated middle aged male sub

  • You lying perve.

  • I am serious girl

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