Am I normal?

So I came to realise that I totally enjoy fantasying about my partner with another girl, I thrive for the day I actually see him doing another girl.. iv even given him the permission to do who ever he wants even if Im not there.
so another words I just want him to be pleased and f*** all the time.

He hasn't yet don't anything cause he is finding the right girl for it.. we tell each other everything and our relationship is quite different from others and I know that he will tell me and wont do anything to deceive me.

but my problem is that I sometimes feel jelouse with the way he talks about this one particular girl (who has a BF)
he says that she could possible be interested and that there is something about the chase of getting her laid that he is so attracted to.. I appreciate that he tells me but WHILE he is telling me I get protective yet I still want him to f*** her!

am I confused or is the first time allowing him always going to be the hardest? like.. once the first time he has done it is over I am hoping that it will get easier because I REALLY want him to f*** a lady and even while I watch!!

Any opinions.. am I normal?


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  • Personally, I do not know why you would want this.

  • ^
    $5 say that she only stayed with the above person out of fear. I might be grasping as straws, but he did say that he threatened to kill her. If you really loved her/if she really loved you, then you wouldn't have to resort to petty death threats.

    Anyway, yes. Kinda. What you want to see is your man dominating another girl.

  • that is exactly correct! i DO want to see him dominate another woman. the exact words i wanted to hear. and yes i agree... kinda creepy that other comment.. =/

  • Do you not like him and want him to yourself i would not be okay with my girl f****** other dudes. in fact after the first time i f***** my girl i told her if she wanted to f*** other guys then dump me right now because if find out youve been cheating ill make you pay for it. she said she just wanted me and weve been happy for about 7 months and i tell her everytime we have s** to not cheat on me or i would kill her. im a possesive guy but i am not abusive until you cheat. love you babe:)

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