So i love this guy to death but my ex keeps getting in his face. i dont know what to do my ex thinks he owns my life still.. and the guy i like thinks so too. We like eachother but im not sure if the guy i like Wants to date or just get some hes a total sweetie but idk anymore. i dont know how to trust I live in Canada so Idk my ex wasnt handsome at all but my crush is !!!! :) we dated fro a few days then now idk whats going on i just need a guy to talk to this about :/ I wish i was Anorexic im to fat to even date my crush sadly :/ Rggh *sigh* on top of that i have no one everyone likes my ex and believes him not me.. they think im a f***** b**** . i havent done one thing. My Parents Died When i was little and i live with foster parents and i cant tell them anything so i dont have anyone:/

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