I am in college, and I did this little

I am in college, and I did this little striptease for my boyfriend and about 9 of his buddies. I walked in with this tight, red, stripper dress. He played some music, and I did a show for them.

I got all the way down to this sexy red thong. I did lap dances for them, and the Boyfriend loved it. I did also....the guys were pretty nice although they did certainly not keep their hands completely to themselves.

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  • I did a football party for a few of my guy friends, and, had my hot older sister work as our bartender/waitress. Knew she could use the cash, would dress sexy, drive my guys crazy, and give us a good time. She wore short, frayed shorts, like Daisy Dukes, a tied, low-cut tank top, low ankle sneakers, and just enough makeup to be slutty. Had her hair down and nails my favorite color, too.

    The guys were touching, grabbing, and smacking her ass, making tons of comments, which she ate up. Loved the attention. Before halftime, I had her behind the bar, out of view, getting my own hands on her (we messed around a lot anyway), and suggested she "do a little dance" for the guys at halftime. She was into it more than I thought.

    Moving the coffee table aside, she first started dancing and gyrating to music, getting their attention. Soon had all 5 of them circled around her, making comments, throwing her cash, and, begging her to take it all off. She peeled the shorts down, sticking her ass in their faces, then ripped..as in..ripped...the tank top off, dancing topless but with her black thong. They were going crazy, putting cash into her t*** and closing in on her.

    I finally gave her the green light to "lose the thong", and she did an amazing, hot, fully naked dance for all 6 of us, smiling and laughing the whole time. Made me a god with the guys...

  • Have fun. Youth is fleeting and you will be old before you know it. Just be carefull and never ever allow a camera. ever

  • Low self esteem

  • Yea...the romance after this strip tease was very very nice...and lasted all night.....the best we ever had.

    I think he is like the previous poster....and got turned on to see me tease the other guys.

  • I have a bf, he is in a band.- They play at college bars in the area...not real big....but they draw a crowd. It turns him on to see me flirting/ dancing....and even kissing some of the guys at the concerts. It really gets him pretty hot, and the s** after the concerts are usually hotter the more flirting I did.....He loves me...and he says it turns him on to see other guys that want me.....but I always go home with him.

    So I can see that your bf would be cool, and even turned on by this.

  • I disagree with most posters. If you and he are ok with this, so be it. Beware of where the photos might go and what your relationship is like, but this doesn't necessarily mean the end of the world if you and he have a strong enough connection and everyone is cool.

  • It doesn't necessarily mean tha the doesn't love you. Some guys get off on seeing their woman please other men. If you were not into it then it would be wrong. But since you agreed then I don't see anything wrong in that. The pics however could be harmful to your future plans because now background checks for jobs and apartments consist of checking peoples myspace and facebook pages.


  • If he was Ok with you stripping in front of his friends i doubt that he cares much about you. the PIC will end up on the steet as he obviously is not looking at you as a caring guy....more likly as a a s** object

  • Get a copy of them if you really want to remember the event, but kill them off his phone asap. Unless you really don't mind 4000 guys looking at it, and 300 of them masturbating to your pictures, and giving you weird looks in the hallways.

  • I know some photos were taken....but they are on my BF's camera.... I don't think he will do anything with them.

  • I hope you were not video taped. LOL


  • Ah, college life lol

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