I cheated on my old boyfriend with my

I cheated on my old boyfriend with my new boyfriend.
I dumped my old boyfriend for my new boyfriend.
Then I cheated on my new boyfriend with my old boyfriend.
Sometimes I still contemplate leaving my new boyfriend for my old boyfriend.
I had something deep with my old boyfriend, but my new boyfriend is a much better boyfriend.
Sometimes I want to have them both at the same time.
I feel like I have two soul mates, and society forced me to choose between them.

I don't regret a thing, and would probably do it again if given the chance.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • that's just not fair. I can't even find 1 guy who i could love and you've got 2 who love you back

  • SiteShrink, why do you presume that the OP can't have both guys, even if they are cool with it?

  • To the OP. First of all you are confused. You first of all need to find out what you want and then you can decided on which one, if any, of the two guys that you want.


  • ^ How does my comment in this page (the second "GG" comment was of an impostor) not make sense? If two people don't mind their partners having aditional partners, and if all partners in the "love shape" have the same attitude, shouldn't they all be allowed to exercise sexual relationships with each other?

    - GG

  • Ok diva23, your a w****

    GG, everyone one of your comments make no sense. Stop now.

    OP, propose a threesome that way you get them both at the same time.

  • I have 50 soul mates.

  • I already lost another argument here so now I will spill my faulty logic on you.

    - GG

  • There is no definite universal truth that states polygamy is wrong.

    However, presumably, you are hurting your partners. Although "all is fair in love and war", the best "doctrine" to follow in love is the one which your partner(s) has/have mentally composed. If either one of them say "one of us, or none", then that's what's gonna happen.

    Maybe you could propose to them that they should both have one aditional female partner? And then their aditional female partners could both also have a third male as a shared partner. This way, there will be 6 different people, all with two partners.

    - GG

  • LOL^ right! Girl, you are nasty, stop being such a little s***, and keep your legs closed. . .or opened for only one guy at a time. If you are not ready to be with either one, then stay single, dumb ass girl!

  • OK well then what makes you think you're the only one with two soulmates who society makes you choose between? Watch these guys do the same damn thing to you. Karma never fails.

    Watch your current man get with his ex and then when you get back with your ex, he goes for another girl he used to date.

    You really just don't know what you want and you use this 2 soul mates thing as justification for hurting 2 people who don't deserve it. Don't worry though, soon enough you will be the most hurt out of the 3!

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