Im Scared, but I want it

I started talking to an ex again because we have become really good friends, but then we both started to flirt. We are both single and he wants to start something but I don't know what he wants. We have messed around before, but we never really talk about what we are doing. I think he may want s** this time and I'm scared, nervous, and excited. I trust him and he still holds a piece of my heart so I want to have s** with him, but I'm terrified that he won't listen to me if I say no or if we do anything, he will stop talking to me afterwords and make me feel like I was used.

Dec 19, 2011

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  • Flirting with an ex is fun. He's familiar. But you've traveled down that road and it didn't work out. So ask yourself, what do you want? A relationship or a friend? If you want a relationship, then speak up before sleeping with him and let him know that. If you want a friend, don't sleep with him. Just confuses things But if he doesn't respect you, if you say no. Or if you think he won't talk to you or make things awkward if you don't, then move on and find a mature guy. He's clearly not.

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