Why can't I ever win?!

A few days ago I was thrilled. I thought I met the perfect guy. I've known him for almost a year. He's smart, witty, sweet, funny, cute, plus he holds the same religious beliefs and we see eye to eye on everything. Though sadly today he came into our work party stoned as s***. I mean to the point where there was seriously no excuse. What hurts more is he lied to me so I'd cover his shift, just so he could smoke and come to our Christmas party high. Seriously, what the f***. It makes me wonder what else he's lied to me about.

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  • Dont knock it until you try it. go smoke

  • To be fair it only takes about 5 mins to get super stoned if the stuff is good. He could have just lit up before the party. You don't know his schedule so you really should judge.

  • I'm the OP, and I was mainly ranting out of frustration. I'm not on a high horse or judging him for smoking at all! Half my friends do, and I really don't care. What I'm upset about is that he asked if I could cover for him using a different excuse, when in reality he went out and got stoned. He then came to our party and was acting like a j***. We've been on a few dates and he really did seem like a nice guy, it's just now I saw a different side of him. I know now I shouldn't be with him. Plus I don't want the "bad boys" at all. I forgive him for lying, and I don't even care about the fact that he was high. It still hurts a tad when you think you know somebody, and it turns out you were completely wrong.

  • and who the f*** are you to judge him just cuz he smokes? get off your high horse you f***** douche.

  • Your attitude doesn't seem that great. How you act when you go through bad situations shows your maturity and you aren't acting mature. I think you need to sit back and think about yourself. Maybe you've made some poor decisions yourself? This guy obviously isn't someone you should be with. Maybe you should give up that thought inside that tells you to hunt down bad guys (that all girls have) and start looking for the good guys who truly care about you. Find that "goody two shoes" and hook up with him because most of the time, that guy will actually treat you right.

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