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I hit my son in the face. He was a young toddler, I was trying to get him ready for his birthday and he was fighting me on it and suddenly threw this all out screaming, fighting, kicking tantrum. I had been telling him the whole time he had to get ready for his birthday and when he threw this total fit I popped him in the eye and gave him a bruise and lied about it and said he fell off the bed. I'd never seen him throw such a fit like that. I'd never seen him act like such an out of control brat and I just reacted. It was wrong. I know it was. I've hid it for years and I'm truly sorry and I haven't done anything like that since. I'm sorry I lied to my mom about it. I'm sorry I lied and sorry it got to that point. I'm sorry it happened. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just sorry for the whole thing.

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  • You made a mistake and you felt bad about it.You knew you did wrong because you felt bad about it.You asked for forgiveness.Ask God for forgivenes and then forget it already!!!!!

  • Fifty years ago kids would get corporal punishment. Things have improved. You learned a lesson. Let it go.

  • Forgive your self and forget about it!
    We all make mistakes.

  • ^Maybe after she teaches you how to use English, stupid w*****.

  • Teach him how to suck you d***.

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