I lied to God

I just lied to my dad and then he pulled out the, "If god is your witness tell me the truth", card and i still lied and said i wasnt lying.... dang such a dumb move...=[



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  • I think the problem here is that your father is such a malevolent ogre, that you feel you have to lie to him rather than tell the truth, because being raised in the Christian faith he is incapable of reason.

  • Your father has no authority to invoke god. Thats like your mother sending you to h*** for not taking out the trash.

  • i think you're safe, seeing as god doesn't exist, you know?

  • As if you would know.

  • Next time, say "Dad, I'll tell you the truth if you tell me TRUTHFULLY how often you m*********." That will shut him up.

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