Should I

I have been dreaming of having s** with girls (Im a girl)
sometimes I fantasize of making love to my friends and I dont know why I feel this way Im not a lesbian. Or bisexual. Beyond my dream world I love eyeing guys and receiving compliments from them. When ever a girl flirts with me I hate it cause its not me. IDK whats wrong with me ugh..

Dec 21, 2011

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  • Omg... People are just so screwed up. You are a teenager. That's all... Ad a teenager you don't know who you are yet or how you fit into society, so your mind explores different situations in the safe environment of your dreams... It runs "what if" simmations. Just because you dreamt of being with a girl doesn't mean you should. Based on the other advice I hope no one has dreamt of murder. You are normal... And one day when u are over all the dreams tell your bf about the fantasies... He will love them ;)

  • Speaking as a guy who was confused and always figured he was a little bi, I can only ofer some advcie based on experience.

    The suggestion to explore and experiment without feeling guilty is paramount. You need to be able to decide what it is that's holding you back: societal guilt and repression, or your own preferences? With so much info being bombarded at us, it's sometimes hard to decdie who we are and what we want.

    I fell in love with a man, but despite all our fooling around and kissing I discovered I don't find the male form sexy. It was the idea of doing soemthing taboo that was exciting.

    You need to find where your limits are, and the rpevious post does a good job of encouraging you and giving advice. Just be careful not to break anyone else's heart, and maintain a healthy sense of discretion (society isn't as open-minded as we'd like it to be, and a bad reputation sticks like s*** to a blanket).

    Good luck on your journey of self-discovery.

  • I think that you subconsciously want the girls but are afraid to admin it to yourself. It may feel against your point of view, but hey, the point of view may not even be yours. I think you may need to explore what is right (and feel right) for you. I would start with an imagination where I would imagine making love with a boy and perhaps his girlfriend. Try to focus more on the GF. How does it feel ? Do not try to judge your feelings. In this moment it is to find out what pleases you, not if it is morally correct.
    Remember it is just imagination, and you are letting your feelings go. You may find out it felt good but not what you want. You experienced it in your mind to full extent and you are done with that. Or it might feel so god, that you realized this is what you want to do. Then go for it. Feeling guilty might come as the next, but once again , this is only because of the point of view of the others, so called society. In this case, I would be exploring more possibilities, how to live according to my feelings, not point of view of others. If you have a question, drop me a line at thegoodbyte at gmail dot com

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