My wife is pregnant with our second

My wife is pregnant with our second child and I cheated on her while she was off on a family reunion. I love her to death, but I can't stop thinking about this other woman. I don't necessarily like this other woman - but i really enjoyed s** with someone else. I'm worried this won't be the last time I cheat on my wife.

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  • You were stupid enough to cheat and now you have to live with that. Don't f*** things up further by telling your wife. This is your burden to carry. Get your s*** together and keep your s** between you and your wife.

  • your an idiot realize what you have!!!!! i cannot fathom to you your stupidity here, DON'T CHEAT cuase is the s** with the other woman more important than the love of your life? if it is then leave her becuse she will be better off without you, and if its not then stop you w****!! thats right. you are a w****.

  • You are a b******. Do your wife and children a favor, and take off!

  • if you really love your wife, and want to work it out, don't ever tell her about this. That will be your punishment- that you will have to live with it forever. Go to a s** therepist if you need to, or marriage cousling. Everyone makes mistakes, but LEARN from them!!!!

  • I'm glad not everyone thinks I'm a f***** pig. This is eating me up inside, and i swear I'm not a bad guy - i just made a really, REALLY bad choice. Thanks for not being so quick to judge.

  • M********* to relieve your libido if this helps to keep you from stepping out.

  • I agree with the SiteShrink, except that you may wish to keep this to yourself. Soon, it will be ancient history and as long as you don't do it again, you'll be ok.

  • I sympathize with you. And believe it or not I somewhat understand where you are coming from. I don't agree with cheating. I love my wife to death and the s** is great, but sometimes on my way to work I do find myself looking and other beautiful women and wondering what it would be like to just have a all night session with her. I think it's just the way we are built as men to think about s** with women period. Not just one. But that being said I must say you situation can only turn out bad. Window shopping is one thing but you should never buy. But now that it's too late for that just don't do it again. Believe me your wife means more to you than this affair. Pretty soon s** with this woman will get old, but buy then it will be too hard to get out, or you will get caught. So break this off with this other girl and confess to your wife so that you can get past this. Otherwise it's going to be bad.


  • You will get caught....sooner or later ,people will eventually talk .

  • I hope your wife cheats on - and eventually leaves - you, you selfish pig.

  • I hope you think of your poor unborn child.

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