Sexless Marriage

I have been with my husband for over a year and married to him for seven months. During this time, we have barely had any **. Often when I have gotten flirty or tried, he simply pushed me away or made excuses. Wouldn't say I am ugly. I keep myself up reasonably and make sure I smell good.

He leaves the computer open and there is all the **. He watches it every day and while I am asleep at night. Then he denies watching it. I'm sorry, but how does naked people having ** NOT count as **?

I am starting to get to where I'm not sure how I feel about him sexually anymore. **, I'd rather eat than have ** and that just isn't like me.

It's really ** me off. I don't know what to do.

Dec 25, 2011

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  • My wife is the same except we’ve been together 30 years. We agreed she may have bed with other men.

  • Sounds like he has a ** addiction. Some guys get to a point where they can only get hard to **. He needs help or you need out.

  • Divorce his ** and get yourself a man who can satisfy you he probably has problems getting a **. if your not satisfied tell him and if he says hes not gonna start ** you often. my girl falls asleep after she comes so we cant ** multiple times in one day. shes always happy after and will make me breakfast the morning after. she makes some bomb eggs and ** my ** after because she loves me so much.

  • Tell him how u feel and that u want u want **

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