i feel like, im only good enough to

i feel like, im only good enough to have s** with, and im not good enough to be with someone. i miss the feeling of love so much, it hasnt happened in over a year for me. i really am starting to feel hopeless and like im not worth even caring about. and its all because of my first love. he makes me feel and tells me that im a fuckup and im not going to ever do anything right in life. idk as if hes mad or if hes telling the truth, but he HAS moved on with a fake w**** that pretends everyday to be someone shes not. she trys to act perfect, but i can see beyond that. i can see her eating disorder, her case of depression, and how she plays her act. but i refused to do that any longer for him, anf gave up.

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  • You feel that way because it's true.
    You ARE only good for s**. That's why you were born.
    You are here to provide pleasure with your mouth, p****, a******, hand, whatever.
    If a man wants you to jack him off with your feet, you'll do it.
    If he wants you to take care of his friends, you'll do it.
    No questions, no complaints, no bull s***.
    Us guys don't have time for s***. JUST DO IT.

  • I love you Site Shrink! You are soooo right!

  • You've got it backwards. Here's how it works for self-respecting women: Guy that you like earns your trust and love, then s**. Why on Earth would you have s** first? You are degrading yourself.

  • Don't ever let a guy mold your self esteem and self worth. Look if you got him you can get someone better. This guy may say all those things but the best you can do is prove him wrong by being somebody. And being somebody don't mean being rich, or famous, but just being independent, sucessful, and on your own means you've won because you would have already made a liar out of him. You are somebody and their will be plenty of guys who will want both to be in a relationship with you and just want to sleep with you. Just be smart enough to tell the difference.


  • Learn how to say NO.

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