I still miss my true love

For over half a decade I have been with a wonderful woman nine years my junior. I do love her, just my heart and soul will always belong to my true love who I haven't heard or seen from in sixteen years.

When I'm alone, I check facebook for my true love but I haven't found her on there. Sometimes I tell my partner about my true love and how some songs remind me of my true love. I do tell her how my true love and I ended the relationship as my true love slept with my bestfriend and some other random dude and my brother.

Once I told friends of my parents how the year when my true love and I got together was the best year of my life in front of my partner.

My partner is so jealous when I mention even the name of my true love. I can't help it, I have not gotten over what my true love did to me. What can a man do to forget his true love and move on. I have been with my partner for so long and I tell her all these stories of my true love because I don't want my partner to do the same thing as my true love.

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  • With any heartbreak, there needs to be a grieving period. But at some point you also just need to accept that it's over and move on. 16 years is a long time to hold on to a ghost. Stop searching for her on facebook, stop looking at photos or whatever you do. Put it to rest. Your wife has every reason to be angry and jealous of the memory of this woman with whom she is in constant competition with. Your wife has a past too. Would you enjoy competing with her long lost true love that you will never measure up to? Have her remind you of what a great guy he was and what you're not? You're true love in in the past. She should only be a nice memory who taught you about love. If it was meant to be, then she would be in your present. She's not. Deal with it and move on. Stop punishing your wife for bringing her up to your wife, or you'll push hard enough and lose her too. Go and talk to a therapist.

  • Sounds like your true love was a whoore

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