I want to be ugly

I'm not trying to sound conceited but I'm very pretty. Lots of people call me pretty and guys always try to flirt with me. But the thing is I hate being pretty. Being pretty is not as good as people may think it is. It's like a curse to me. I'm very shy, so I hate being the center of attention. And whenever I'm walking down the street, guys in cars always honk at me or wave or catcall me. I hate it. People always stare at me. Sometimes I just want to cover my face with a bag to stop the staring. I try to look ugly on purpose so I won't get attention. I especially hate when there is a special occasion because then I'll have to get all dressed up and people will be staring at me and I'll get alot of attention. If I was ugly for just one day, that would make me so happy. People would ignore me and not even notice me.

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  • One of my friends works at sports bar I go to. She really is just gorgeous, tall, great smile and eyes..Physically blessed. But, hates hearing it. Said one night "If one more person tells me I'm so pretty, I'm going to start throwing things". Thing is, even "uglying it down" doesn't work for her. She has the natural, high-cheekboned, very pretty face, skin tone, soft blue eyes.. It's impossible for her to not get complimented all night. Putting her hair back? Only makes people comment on her eyes more. Wearing it down? So sexy..

    She left the bar for a few months, then came back. One of her coworkers mentioned, I think in joking, "But you're soooo pretty!", and she nearly freaked. "Oh, not this s*** again". I don't understand how she can deny how good she looks..And that people genuinely enjoy it.

  • I to hate myself for being pretty and well built for my age of 15. Everyone tells me I could pass for 20 or better and yes I got a fake ID and I go into bars but not anymore for I always got picked up by guys that wante4d just one thing and that was to get me naked and f*** until the cows came home.
    I just hate being pretty as I am and every day I wake up hating myself.

  • Shave your hair off, that's what I did.

  • I'm not conceited either. Not ugly but I just wish I was prettier.

  • Don't listen to the troll.

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