Boading ball lost

Me and my girlfriend are extremely sexually active and enjoy trying new things. So the other night me and her were making out and rubbing each other the usual things we do. But when it came to me and her actually having s** I told her we couldn't because I had no condom and i wasn't going to try pulling out and still risk having a kid. Well I was on top of her and I looked over and saw my baoding b**** (Chinese health b****) and I thought I could put one in her. After asking her if it was ok i proceeded to insert the ball into her v***** it was very difficult to slide it in but i did eventually insert it all the way in. And once it was in I continued to kiss my girlfriend and so on then when it came time to take the ball out I couldn't the ball was to big and to slick for me to grab and pull out plus it was about 4 inches deep in her v*****. I then freak out because I am only 17 and it would be really hard to explain to everyone why we had to go to the emergency room. So in our panic we start to brainstorm and think a spoon is the best way to go. So im inserted a spoon into her v***** and trying to scoop the ball and pull it out but its not working. So after about 40 minutes of trying we both are tired and call it a night since she wasn't feeling any pain from it we didn't think it was that urgent. The next morning while she was trying to use the restroom (p***) she pushed the ball out. Now every time I use my baoding b**** I think of how one stayed the night in my girlfriends v*****.



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  • A spoon? All you had to do was have her push (like coughing, sneezing, she would know). How do you think women give birth? Ben wa b**** are pretty much the same thing. It's what they are actually meant to be used for. They help strengthen and stimulate the v*****. A spoon could have really hurt her and damaged the walls of her v*****. That was a very big mistake sticking a spoon in there. Glad she's okay.

  • omg DO ALL OF U that do the KEEP THAT D*** OUT OF HIM and other stuff STOP ITS FUKING STUPID dumb a****

  • It's never a good idea to stick something in that doesn't have a string or handle or something sticking out to get it out with. I'm glad she was able to get it out!!

  • Wow that was a close call, be more careful otherwise you will have to go to the ER next time

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