Bigger the better

When I was a teenager I would stick things in my v*****. I started with small items like my hairbrush, then moved up to bigger things like a plastic rolling pin. By the time I was 16 I regularly looked for bigger and bigger things to push the envelope. My friends sister was a lot older than us. She had received a gigantic d**** for a prize at some bachelorette party she attended. We were looking for clothes in her closet and found it stashed in the back. My friend dared me to take it home, so I did. I really wanted to get this thing in my v***** eventhough it was way bigger than anything I had tried before. So one day I was home alone after school and I was h**** so decided to try. I grabbed some Vaseline from the bathroom a d rubbed it on the d****. The thing was massive but I sat down on the end and started to push it in me. It was so big I really did not think it would even start, but after some pushing it finally got somewhat started. It was so big and painful that I almost stopped but it also felt really good so I continued. I pushed even harder trying to get it further in me when I finally heard a pop followed by excruciating pain. I stopped but it was too late. I was bleeding all over and had to grab a towel to stop the bleeding. My mom got home and had to take me to the ER where they stitch me up.


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  • Freaking ouch!

  • Once it is in you would have loved it

  • Wish I knew you back when you started I would have shoved my c*** in you

  • Add me on Snapchat. Girls only. Im a boy. I love to watch n play. Andyc2104

  • Bet you still do it

  • I let my husband stick his d*** in me now. I am not in love with him but it does not matter. He has the biggest d*** I have ever seen. I did not feel most guys I had s** with.

  • I was with my boss last night

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