Dolls Eyes

Hello, I have a weird habit. I am currently 30 years old. I have a daughter, she is only 6. I like too take the eyes out of her dolls heads and stick them up my **. I do this because I like the feelings, it's a good stress releiver. It just feels good. But, now it's worse. For the past month I have been going too my daughters bed, well not a bed. She sleeps on the floor with a towel. I have been trying to figure out how too get the eyes out of her eyesockets without killing her. I want to put her eyes in my **. I think it would be a change from her doll eyes. Don't worry, I will not do this!!! I love her too much. But I like too imagine it. I have been trying other things too stick up my **, but nothing feels as good as dolls eyes.

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  • Fakeeee

  • Listen, you understand that your habit is strange and perhaps dangerous yet fulfilling. I would guess it brings you sexual fulfillment, maybe some sort of peace, but if you go beyond you will harm your daughter one way or another. If you think that you actually might hurt your daughter physically or psychologically and maybe you need assistance you should do something about it.

  • Why does your daughter sleep on the floor on a towel??? You need help asap. Dont touch your daughter or i will. kill you

  • You ** piece of ** if u want to do that to your own daughter your Satan in disguise. You also need to be killed in a mental ward. You **.

  • You are one sick **, get some help. Or better yet - die.

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