Patient Liked Me

I'm a black male in my 40s and work at a hospital.A white female patient in her 30s liked me.She tried to get my number but I could not give it to her.She has cute face,hair and chest, but as professionals,we just cant do that;plus she is almost a quad.

Then she talked one of the co-workers to give her my number and she text me.I had to report it to my supervisor.

Last week,I finally figured out who gave her the number.I was not mad really it just was a bad idea.Though it was tempting,I know people who have landed in hot water for having ** with patients,let alone with other co-workers.

Can you imagine meeting with the state board of nursing to discuss how you had ** with a patient and now you have to loose your certificate or license? And your name gets published in the board magazine and online databases?

I'm sure even after the patient is discharged one is obligated not to date that patient.

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  • It was very professional of you to not cross the line while she was in hospital. But now that she's out? Go for it!

  • No need for a stick in the **. I mean don't take your job so seriously that you end up alone at night strokin it! lol. You woulda been fine mang.

  • I'm thinking once they're discharged it wouldn't matter any more. Most people, at some point in their lives, are patients in a hospital for one reason or another which would mean doctors/nurses would have literally nobody they were allowed to date if they couldn't date anyone who had ever been a patient. I would ask your supervisor to be sure, but I bet it's fine. Go for it!!

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