I wish my girlfriend's daughter had never been conceived

There. I said it. And I feel vile for even thinking it. But every time I'm alone by myself and my girlfriend ('Sexy') can't be there, every time I go out and she can't come with me, every time I want a lie in and get woken by her daughter ('Flopsy') crying and particularly every time I hear about that what that occasionally abusive, sleazeball scumbag father ('Cuntboy') is doing and how there's nothing I can do about it, I get a burning rage about how disgustingly irresponsible Sexy & Cuntboy were on that lovely romantic holiday they went on that led to their daughter being born.

I don't wish harm on Flopsy. I actually quite like her and get on well with her. Sometimes I even think I might be able to get over this. But I could live without her. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to say her name as it's an Indian name, she's mixed race and so obviously not my kid. If she had never been conceived no one would care. I wish she'd never been conceived with all my heart.

I love Sexy. I find it unbearable not being with her, and if she gave Cuntboy overnight access I would get to see her more, but I want him denied everything as revenge for how he has denied me access to Sexy on my own terms.

Without Flopsy, I would stay with Sexy and think about having our first child together with her. Because of her and her ex having that little mutant together it's a much bigger decision and I've been keeping an eye out for someone as good as Sexy for the last year - I haven't found anyone.

I probably shouldn't tell Sexy how much I love her so often as I don't trust myself to stick around forever, but I don't want to leave, and obviously can't talk to her about this.

I don't know how common this is.

Jan 3, 2012

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  • It's about as common as man-children are. Look in the mirror if this statement is confusing to you in any way.

  • Sounds about right. We've split up now. Ironically I still babysit for her when she asks me to

  • Don't baby sit for her you are just showing g her how much you love her and she will play you like a puppet. Be the stronger one, walk away. -expirence.

  • In your search for love you have deluded yourself with just YOUR image of your woman. The truth is she has a kid, deal with it like a real man. Don't wish for impossible things, just because you don't have enough love or warmth in your heart to share.. or because you're naturally selfish.
    Do you hear yourself? You are not only cruel but also come across as a self centered adult who is insensitive. Yes i'm saying it as it is. I have nothing against you..i'm just telling you the truth on your face. If you're a man you'd take it, if you want to be like ''cuntboy'' you'd protest or abuse me.
    Either way, if you really ''love'' anyone with your heart ..it means you accept them, their life, their habits, everything. That child is hers, as much as you may not want it to be. If you have a shred of humanity in you, you'd love the child as your own..give her love and treat her like how you would have wanted to be treated when you were her age. Certainly not like trash that should not have existed, i hope.

  • Bla bla "selfish," who f***** without birth control in this scenario? Three lives are now permanently affected, four if you count the crotch cricket ('Oops' would be a better name than 'Flopsy'). Love is great, but so is intelligence!!

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