I don't want the responsibility of

I don't want the responsibility of growing up.
I just want to get laid once, and really enjoy it, and then die.
I've always thought dying in a car accident or something might not be so bad. I mean, you're dead, you don't feel anything, including the loss of the rest of your life.
Also, a lot of times, I've just imagined what would happen if I got a chronic illness, or almost died, or got paralysed, or actually died. Who would come to see me in the hospital? Who's lives would be really affected by what happened to me? Who would cry at my funeral, and really mean it?

It's a little morbid, and also...weird..
Is it unhealthy? Does my thinking like this make me insane?

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  • There is a God and He teaches us that there is an afterlife that goes on for eternity. If you make your peace with Him by believing in Jesus, you will be saved from your sins.

  • It hardly makes you insane. Everyone thinks about stuff like this,I believe. It WOULD be an interesting experience,death. I wish there was some way we could find out what comes after. We live to die. So maybe when we actually die that's when we're living. I know that sounds absolutely insane,but I don't know how to describe what I mean properly.

  • Car accidents are actually great imagine the fun....
    Driving down the road someone swurves ... be it a animal another driver whatever, BOOM head on into you they die instantly.... but .... you break both your legs your pinned under thw wheel your in so much pain its unbearable oh and whats this your car is on fire you slowly burn to death screaming in pain you cant move its great... fun fun

  • Everybody wonders about death and what's going to happen on the other side but the reality is unless we make sure that we are right with God, we don't want to die. No one really knows, but lets just assume that there is a heaven and h***. If there is don't you want to make sure that you don't end up on the wrong team.


  • i do this too, only i dont want to die. I just wonder what it would be like to get a bunch of attention from having a serious disease.

  • a bullet in the back of the head , so your not expecting it its over before you feel the pain etc , rather thasn a car accident I would reccomend

  • The more you age the more you find loved ones depend on you. Cashing in at a young age might seem simple until you take into account how it'll affect your family and friends.

    I knew a guy who had a near death illness, and he realized that the world will go on without him and no-one cares. We'll all die eventually. The good part of living is you just get to find chances to have more happiness. Doesn't always happen, but for some its good enough. Some strive to 'make their mark' in the world. Write a book or paint or in general, create something and you'll be leaving a part of yourself for the future generations to remember you by. Crashing your car might get you a 3 line mention in a newspaper but thats about it. Try to not waste what society has invested in you. Someone paid for your education. Somebody paid to improve their society, so your society is what you know it today.

    You're not insane for thinking of the subject. It just proves you recognize your mortality. Dwelling on the idea of suicide as an obsession isn't healthy, but it doesn't mean you're insane. But about the getting laid part... so it was good s**... but could the next encounter be better? Perhaps if you really want to see what you are made of, join some branch of the government and see the world. Navy, Coastguard, Marines, Army, whatever. You'll be removed from society to protect it, and responsibility to grow up will be removed as you become just a body for someone else's wishes. Just don't take anyone else out when you go.

  • Being dead doesn't affect the dead, but it sure does affect the survivors. A slow process of dying affects all. We all die. There are good ways and bad ways. No one knows what's on the other side of the curtain. But the curtain will still be there whether we die today or in 80 years. So, I have chosen to make the best of living before I kick the bucket. Besides, you'll not only get laid once, you'll get laid many times. And you'll love it. So stick around.

  • I'm actually like this too. I think dying would just be a sort of an interesting experience and I find no meaning in my own life so I see nothing wrong with disappearing from existence. Whatever.

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