Shocked and embarrassed pls help

I dont know where to start i am so shocked i just dont know what to do about it.
i caught my 12 yr old son licking my 7 yr old daughters private part my husband nearly killed him.
Please help me what can i do about it.

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  • Oh come on, it's just natural curiosity for children to want to explore their own as well as others sexuality, just because you may not have did anything like that when you were young doesn't mean it's not normal, I'm a male and I remember when I was 10 and my sister was about 7 or 8 years old we used to fondle each other and do the missionary position and run my d*** inside her v**** which was enjoyable for both of us, we did that for a couple of years, we never got caught we just grew out of it ourselves and never had any detrimental side effects of that experience.

  • I feel as though you're a "troll". Sick s*******.

  • Calm your t***, pumpkin. Kids are weird icky ignorant little things that don't know how the world works, so accept that they do creepy stuff like OP described.

    The role of parents, since many people seem to have forgotten, is to teach them that this sort of thing is wrong. Perhaps you're one of those idiots who try to be your kid's buddy instead of their guide in a confusing and sick world. Less reacting and name-calling and more conducting yourself like a responsible adult, please. Thank you.

  • What's so shocking about that? lady you must be living in your own little boxed up world, if you don't know that kids as young as 7 years old know about and are curious, some are even interested in experiencing sexual activity, you really need to do some research on the subject and keep up with the changing times, children mature mentally, physically and biologically at an earlier age now a days it's not like it was when we were kids, research is showing that all the things we used to believe about child sexuality or think of as bad or wrong are now being considered to be normal and natural stage's of behavior and development and should not be treated as something shameful, harmful, nasty, sick or immoral, so just be calm and understanding when talking to them, you wouldn't wanna scar them for life by making them feel like they are weird or creepy kids. just remember that s**, love and desire are all basic human traits that have no natural age restrictions.... I hope the best for you.

  • This is s***** advice.

  • Shut up and go get sterilized.

  • be patient and understanding

    your husband is just jealous he was beat to it is all

    he will get over it

    to cure your son , sit on his face a few tmes , force him to keep licking til you come . dont feel bad , your doing it for him , but be prepared for your son to suddenly become gay.. but at least he wont go around eating p**** again .

  • Have him tell you whenever he wants to have s** with his sister and lock the door till hes done . enjoy being a good momma let him have you too .!?

  • That's f****** gross!
    Why on earth whould you share this with anyone?

  • monkey see monkey do.

    next time you and your hubby decide to do something like that make sure kids are not around.

    also, control his TV and internet access.

  • It's good that you caught him. It's time for you and your husband to have long, calm age appropriate chat about s** and their bodies with your children separately. Your son is at that age, he's curious. It's not just going to go away. He needs to understand what he did wrong with his sister (and that includes other relatives would be off limits), Keep your tempers in check. What he did with his sister is wrong, but s** shouldn't be looked at as a negative. A chat with your daughter would be a good idea too. Make sure she understands that she didn't do anything wrong and have a conversation about her body and who should and shouldn't be allowed to touch a doctor vs a stranger etc. Therapy may be a good idea for everyone. maybe be a good resource.

  • This is really good advice. A+++++++++

  • Erm...hope he'll grow out of it?

  • That's so naive and adorable. I sincerely hope you're not raising any kids of your own.

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