I'm a bad man...

I used to sell and do drugs. I sold coke, heroin, shrooms, acid, meth, and pot. I was big time and well known and made a lot of money. Those who tried to blackmail or kill me were beaten and killed by my clients. I had a sort of partner who would help out often and I treated her well and provided for her and her family. I left all that behind now. However she's come back into my life and wants to start it again. I want to say no but at the same time yes. What do i do?

Jan 7, 2012

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  • Both of you should go legit. Otherwise, more people will suffer and die, and eventually it's gonna come back on you. You'll cross the wrong person and will be locked up or killed. You may be hard and tough and all that, but there's always someone out there who would be willing to die over something small. A girl you f*****, a girl you killed, a kid you got hooked on drugs, someone will get you clapped over that s***.

  • do it and make loads of money :P

  • be my wife? love ... you know who

  • You let me get some of that pot. :D

  • Sounds like you have a conscience now and that you're in a different place in your life. Just say no thanks and send her on her way. You got very lucky that you were never caught, you may not be so lucky next time. If you enjoy your freedom, you won't do anything to sabotage or jeopardize it.

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