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I used to be a christian, a really loyal christian, but all i felt was pain inside from none of my prayers over bullying to be answered. i tried killing myself 4 times. i finally had the guts to tell a close friend who told me the story of his life which was similar to mine.
He then told me about how he turned to satan. NO, satan isn't a blood-thirsty devil with horns and a pitch fork.
But i researched it and found that reading about the true satan made me comforted. It made me feel wanted.

I am a satanist now, and my prayers have been answered 3 times out of 3 prayers! my friend was going to kill himself, i prayed to satan, crying, that the knives were too blunt to pierce his skin and they were! i then asked satan to stop the bullying once and for all and i was expelled from my school and put into one of the kindest schools i've been to.
I have also asked him to make my boyfriend happy. He then got an amazing job which he loves and we've become closer in so many ways.

I'm so happy!! just thinking, a year ago, i was trying to die from the name of jesus. now, satan (who isnt a beast, he is a person who, as ive seen him, wears grey robes, has long white hair and a grey beard) has changed my life!

I thank satan every day for saving me.. <3

thankyou for your time x

Jan 7, 2012

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  • I don't think Satanism means what you think it means. If you're happy and no one is being harmed, that's awesome, but what you are describing is not Satanism.

  • Wht your refering to is theistic Satanism. Which is distinctly different

  • Contrary to popular belief, Satanism is not the worship of Satan bit of ones self as the creator of your universe. A Satanist believes the universe exists as a construct of their own mind. Probably should have done more research...

  • all HAIL FATHER SATAN!!!!!!!

  • Mad_hatter996 i suport you completely

  • thankyou so much :)

  • Satan is deceitful. He has convinced you that he helps you when actually he is planning to destroy you. If you were a Christian you should have known that God works in mysterious ways. Everything happens for a reason so if you didn't get what you want don't fret, it gets better. I've realized that even if God doesn't answer my prayer when I want, He always works it out for the better in the long run. And I realize, contrary to what I thought, He was there all along. He has it all worked out so that you will be prosperous and happy in the future if you live for Him. His arms are always open for you.

  • I don't want him back. I found things out about jesus which will never allow me to turn back. i found so many things which exposes christianity for its true self and that's a main reason i'm not ever coming back, i have proof if you want it

  • "Why do you say he didn't appear to me? Christians have said that angels and jesus appears to them."

    Thats because Christians are f****** stupid, seeing how you used to be a christian and have now "converted" you too, fall into that category.

    Why not just accept that you were bullied because you are pathetic, which you just proved to us.

  • No s*** i'm pathetic? But at least i believe in something that makes me happy, true or not. im finally happy

  • You should know that there's no way satan can be appearing infront of you in a grey robe and with beard,that's bull. his an invincible entity. whatever you saw,it must've been a fragment of your imagination.anyway,the only reason your “prayers“ were answered is because you believed it would be. When you were a christian,you didn't have any belief that your prayers would be answered so that's all comes down to belief. I would advise you to go back to being a christian tho,jesus loves you and will forgive you for straying

  • Oh, and don't force your religion on me. I was admitting something. You're just preaching.

  • Why do you say he didn't appear to me? Christians have said that angels and jesus appears to them.
    I know it wasn't my imagination. That, i'm sure of.
    Christian's prayers are answered, so why can't mine be answered from who I believe in?
    How can my prayers be answered by my belief? It's a miracle my friend is still alive knowing those knives where a few weeks old!
    I'm not going back to Christianity, mainly because I feel as if no one is there, no one is helping me through hard times. You're christian because that is what you believe in. I believe that i feel comfort and happiness in confining my thoughts and emotions though my "prayers" just as you do to your God.

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