Panic Attacks

For the past month or so, I've been having frequent panic attacks, seemingly for no reason. My mind has been such a wreck, that it makes things up that I know in my heart aren't true, and I wind up panicking over these thoughts, even though I know they're not real.

I think also, the fact that my boyfriend literally knows everything about me, has left me feeling more vulnerable than I've ever felt in my life, and though I trust him (we've been going strong for over two years now), I'm terrified of him leaving me. He's my best friend. He says he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, and I feel the same way, I'm just horrified that one morning, he'll change his mind and leave. I know I'm hard to deal with sometimes. I'm really emotional and panic about nothing, and I cry a lot, and I get physically sick really easily, but I try so hard to be the best girlfriend that I can be to him. I love him so much and I just don't want to lose him.

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  • Worried he may leave? Flirt with him. Tease him. This may sound illogical but make him work for s**. The harder he has to work the more he will value you.

  • aw honey,calm down. relax and stop crying. i understand how frightful it must be to have all these possibilities and fears flying above you. But darling, ALL of us have those.different kinds of worry we battle day and day out. I have been in the exact same situation as you years ago, and i will tell you this. Trust your intuition. But also try to put yourself in your boyfriend's shoes and think how difficult and confusing and scary it is to assume the male role and find ways to comfort a terrified girlfriend and best friend all the time. I'm sure it affects him too. Dont let fears ruin your life :) These moments are wasted in fear, and it only adds negativity to the air.

  • You probably have an anxiety disorder. There are meds for it, and therapy may help, but it's a real disorder. I have it. It started when I was pregnant with my 3rd child.

  • Better pack your bags, being a psychotic b**** is not attractive.

  • Wow. Show some compassion or go away. Rude comments aren't needed.

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