Boss heels

My boss is so sexy, she's very petite, black long hair, 115lbs, 5'4. She always wears high heels, and has sexy toes. Sometimes, she takes her heels off and put some comfortable shoes on. One day she went to run some errands, i saw her heels and i couldnt help but rub my c*** on them, it felt so good. I started beating off and next thing i know i bust all over her shoes, spreading it around with my d***.

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  • Ok pussyboy. Why don't you do the real men of this world a favor and go get your b**** removed for real instead of just playing like a man. It will strengthen the gene pool if you do. Then you can be subservient to a feminist b**** all you want. 500 years ago you would have been a eunuch and allowed to only protect the harem, never bed them down. Jesus Christ man..... jerking of to your female bosses shoes. How f****** pathetic!

  • Best w*** I ever had was with a tenant of mine's highheels. Pity the current one don't really wear them :(

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